Chicago R Unconference
March 9-10, 2019 • Chicago, Illinois

Launching the Chicago R Unconference

Inspired by the rOpenSci unconference series, we’re putting together a Chicago-based unconference to encourage open source contribution and development in the Chicago R community. Our goal is to encourage diverse groups to develop open source packages and to contribute to the larger R community. We plan to bring together attendees from industry, academia, government, nonprofits, and more. We’ll spend two days collaborating with each other, building R packages and learning from each other.

Not sure how this works? No worries, that probably means you should attend this event! Check out writeups of previous unconferences for details on how this generally works, and take a look at past Github issues to get a sense of the projects people work on. Projects might include creating new packages from scratch, writing new vignettes, or closing issues on existing packages. We plan to have something for everyone to contribute, even if you consider yourself a beginner!

Because we want our attendees to have a safe, enjoyable, and friendly experience at the unconf, we have a code of conduct that we encourage you to read.

Organizers and Mentors

Our team is dedicated to inspiring beginners and those new to open source to contribute to the R community. We’ve worked in industry and academia alike, and we believe that open source is at its best when it draws from diverse contributors.

Join us!

Applications for the Chicago R Unconference are now open! Please apply here. Attendees will be a mix of community-based invitations and self-nominations, modeled after the rOpenSci unconference. The deadline for applications is midnight CST on February 16, 2019.


The event will be hosted at the Center for Spatial Data Science at the University of Chicago (5735 S Ellis Ave, Rooms 240 and 236). Please note that the research center is located within Searle Chemical Laboratory.

Paid parking can be found at Campus North Garage and Young Parking Lot, but we encourage you to take public transit to campus in order to save on parking costs.